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What is Our Purpose

Our purpose is to live our life according to our vision. Be all we can be we hear, but many do not consider that it is sometimes possible and other times not likely because of impediments that get in the way of our vision or goals. When we are young, we see our purpose to grow and learn the basic knowledge taught to us in schools to become literate. At the same time, we visualize and shape our dreams, desires, needs, and wants to become doable. Not only do people or families ask us what our goals are but try to make sure we fulfill the fundamental purpose of what living is, and that is to be able to satisfy ourselves and accomplish our mission. For example, as you grow up, you see yourself as a doctor or engineer or car mechanic. Or your parents decide that you should be the doctor or engineer. They then start to push you in that direction, or it is the vision you see and begin to slowly begin to create a way or path to be able to realize your vision. So purposely, you start to ask questions, find out what it requires to become the doctor. You begin to take classes and enter upon the steps that will lead you to go to school to become your dream or goal or vision. You are now working to fulfill your purpose. All that you do is leading you now to build and fulfill your purpose.

So, what is your life’s purpose? Don’t look at me, ask yourself. Have you fulfilled your life’s purpose? Do you have a life’s purpose, or are you flying by the seat of your pants? Great question if you can answer it, but if you cannot just focus and give it some thought. Another critical issue, can you tell me what your life’s purpose is. If not, can you create one that you think is your life’s purpose? If you need help as somebody or see an advisor. Living a life without a purpose is because we do not believe we have one. Our purpose can be our goal(s), and we do not realize it, and as we fulfill our goals, we are fulfilling our purpose at the same time. Once I met a nurse who wanted to be a doctor but only became a nurse. Her life’s goal was to help heal people. She did not realize that she was fulfilling her life’s purpose even though she was not the doctor. I had a friend that was a carpenter, and he built houses his whole life. In his spare time, he would sculpt many different types of sculptures and statues out of wood. He fulfilled his life’s work and purpose by being a master sculptor but did not realize it. So, focus, remember we are all here for a purpose.

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