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Threefold Understanding of Why We Exercise

Exercises are threefold

The reason for exercising is threefold. One is to help the body to be strong, including muscles, tendons and bones. The second is circulation of fluids, blood and energy, which is important for physical health and longevity. The third is for our mental health. Our mental health requires exercises that promote physical health but also promote flexibility. A baby is supple and very flexible, and young people exhibit this flexibility physically, and mentally. Their brains soak up all that comes within their environment, and they remain flexible until they start their trek into adulthood, which begins to fixate their minds and their bodies. As one becomes much older, their flexible bodies and minds become less pliable. Some court stubbornness and inflexibility like there is a requirement or contest for being the most stubborn, but there isn’t. Sometimes this is inherited from parents and teachers who make young people begin to see life only a certain way against all other options, like for instance, with racism. When you talk to adults about racism, most of the time their minds are made up and frozen to alternative thinking, such as that a person can be a good person no matter what race. Also, that all people belong to the human race. Thirdly, that hate is wrong and there is no reward for hating people you do not know, or know nothing about, except that they look or are different than you. I have talked with people who were taught to hate and when the truth is presented to them they are shocked, and mystified that they were lied to or wrongly taught. This can carry into old age, and some may never reach old age because the hate eats them up mentally and physically, affecting internal systems from the negative thinking. So many do not think about teaching people not to hate to help their health and longevity.

Sometimes it is difficult to change minds that are no longer flexible. The mind and body should be flexible when one is young and when one is old. The body requires one to remain flexible even as one ages, but it will require the person to practice exercises that will keep one flexible and also will help the mind to stay flexible. This is why it is good to read, study, research and learn to keep the brain active. It is good to have relationships that help the mind to be flexible. It is why many stretch, or practice yoga, taijiquan and other types of practices that will help to keep the body pliable, soft, flexible, stretched, long and lean, and strong, as well as bones strong, and tendons flexible, along with the corresponding mental faculties.

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