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How Does a tortoise Live So Long?

What is the fastest way for a tortoise to get home? Go inside (ha ha). A tortoise lives a long time for various reasons, and can it help us to live a long time also. Here is a list of criteria that shows how the tortoise lives so long:

l Does not judge

l Not in a rush

l Moves slowly

l One step at a time

l On its feet most of the time

l Eats appropriately

l Lives separated from others

l Avoids the rush of the crowd

l Loves being vegetarian

l Does not talk much

l Calm, happy and not worrying about how to get from point A to point B

l Knows time heals all wounds

l When drama comes just goes inside its shell (home) until it passes

l Breathes fresh air

l Consumes nutrients and its foods and herbs

l All of these points on the list we can also imitate and practice in some way shape or form. There is wisdom within the above listed criteria.

The tortoise takes his time

The tortoise takes his time and knows he will arrive at his destination; he does not worry about when he is going to arrive. Rushing gets you what? If you drive faster, will you arrive the day before? No. You arrive at the same time. Some think like the rabbit or hare, if I rush there and I am first, maybe I will get the worm. The worm thinks, what is the rush? There are plenty of worms. The rabbit or the hare brags about how he will win the race first, but he runs out of energy halfway there. The tortoise gets to the same spot and does not lose his energy. He actually conserves and cultivates his energy on the way. So the tortoise can arrive full of energy as he passes the rabbit, who is exhausted and needs to drink Red Bull or five hour energy drinks, which only last for a short time before the energy they provide is depleted. The tortoise realizes that it is he who reaches the goal, and wins the race, that is better than who runs the fastest. Wise is the tortoise, because he just keeps going and does not judge the rabbit, because sooner or later he will see the rabbit again. Check my book "Tortoise.


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