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Welcome to the Mind and Body

Health and Healing Center

Meet The Author!

Dr. George E. Samuels, A.M. A.M.P.

The author Dr. George Samuels is an M.D. (Alternative Medicine) and board-certified medical practitioner, an enlightened realized Spiritual Master, Guide, Teacher, Healer, Spiritual Coach and Poet living in the Florida and West Coast area is here to teach and help heal those who seek answers and to learn in order to help others. Master George has been providing Light, spiritual wisdom, healing, coaching, and spiritual guidance for thousands of people throughout the USA and other countries for more than 30 years. He continues and is currently helping and healing all who contact him and are seeking Light on the Path.

Dr. George E
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Books & Poetry!
The Writings of George Samuels
George has written several books of poetry such as “Audacity of Poetry”, “Healing in a Word”, “With Poetry in Mind”, “This is Our Word” and “There is Only Music Brother”, “Doors to Ancient poetical Echoes”, and “Lovers Should Never Quarrel”. Also books on healing, ”The Song of Life”, “Calm is the Water” and "The Way of the Tortoise," ”, “Understanding Taijiquan”, “Making My Own Medicine”, “Time: Becoming One Out of Many,”” Life With or Without Purpose.” My website
Carol Samuels, MSN, PhD, currently a resident of Charlotte, North Carolina, has been in business with her husband for thirty-five years as a nurse, life coach, and consultant for NatakiCares and First Family Mission and Research Center, both nonprofit community organizations that act as a liaison to community resources. Profits from sales of this book will benefit both organizations.
taste of asia balboa park 2014

taste of asia balboa park 2014

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