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I Left Myself Behind

A Selection of Poems and Prose Dedicated to Abused Women

by  Carol Samuels

  • Paperback:    138 pages

  • ISBN :             9781475972863

  • Product Dimensions: 6x9

  • Language:       English

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Offering vibrant imagery and eloquent language, I Left Myself Behind presents a collection of poetry and prose that speaks to the tragedy and triumph of abused women around the world.


I Let Myself Behind is divided into three sections: Reflections, Life, and Thoughts of Healing. With each poem, author Carol Samuels transforms the complicated mixture of human emotions into verse. Her poetry features a stirring momentum and striking use of both end rhyme and internal rhyme, creating a harmonious blend sure to evoke a myriad of feelings.


In “Beginning of the End,” Samuels shows how love and pain are often not the same, while “Ego Tripping” warns a woman to be on guard against the ugly words of egotistical men disguised as cajolery. “Know Oneself” gently reminds us of the crucial importance of forgiving ourselves, learning our lesson, and moving forward.

For some the road to affection, appreciation, lust, and love can be complicated and filled with inexpressible pain. In response, each day we climb mountains, jump hurdles, meet the challenges and forget our differences in order to survive—a struggle that I Left Myself Behind seeks to express.

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