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by George Samuels

  • Paperback : 47 pages

  • ISBN-13 : B0BRT9FNX5

  • Product Dimensions : 2088 KB

  • Publisher : Independently published January 5, 2023

  • Language: : English

African americanWealth: Health
Where is My Joy: Finding Happiness

Where is My Joy: Finding Happiness

So, what is the difference between joy and happiness? Where is My Joy trying to assist in helping those of us who are not feeling the joy, we are supposed to have created for ourselves? Where is My Joy shows you where to look and find that precious gift that you possess, and if you are not seeing or feeling this, then we can help you discover where it is or where it went. Where is My Joy also feels it is essential to explain the importance of the difference between joy and happiness since many sometimes juxtapose them and wonder why they do not feel happy. So, delve into this short work of love and explore Where is My Joy and where is yours. Enjoy.

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