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by George Samuels

  • Paperback : 95 pages

  • ISBN-13 : 979-8367600452

  • Product Dimensions : 6 x 0.22 x 9 inches

  • Publisher : Independently published (December 8, 2022)

  • Language: : English

African americanWealth: Health
Healing Wounds: A Journey Into Healing

Healing Wounds: A Journey Into Healing

Wounds are injuries that require attention and healing. Some wounds require our understanding of why they are not healed, and many people walk around with wounds that could be healed. If they knew why and how important it is to heal everyone that is wounded, they would heal their wounds. The problem is that so many have been injured and wounded that many take it as standard operating procedure and walk around as if they are ok. Healing Wounds says It is time to bring out the problem and expose the truth of the matter and the scale of the injuries that have been affected everywhere. Healing Wounds explores the understanding of what constitutes an injury and a wound. Its importance and explains how it goes beyond just being a physically traumatic situation with wounds so deep it affects our health and behavior. Healing Wounds goes beyond and clears up who is injured or wounded and how the wounding has happened. Healing Wounds also explains why it is essential to heal wounds and not let them fester or go untreated. Read on for those who are not clear about wounds and their healing. This book, Healing Wounds, touches upon a sensitive subject that should have been exposed a long time ago so that it would clear up any confusion in the minds of people who think that those injured should just forget about it and move on with their PTSD.

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